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 Naval Tips

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1: Without a full crew, the boat will not get the full amount of action points, and it will be less efficient. A lone Captain can actually run the ship by himself, but example: a captain without any crew will only get 3 action points per day instead of 10. 1 crew, 6 action points.

2: If the boat is weighed down, it won't move, ever. There are a few ways to make sure this does not happen:

a: Always charge a fee, so that not just anyone can walk on your boat.
b: Do not accept anyone aboard that is in a group, unless they are alone in their group and it is under authorization. Someone clicking to follow them while they board will bypass the ticket price and also the weight limit set by captain. Also, someone clicking to follow can maliciously click to cancel goods for sale and strand the boat in the ocean, stuck forever.
c: Make sure not to undock unless you know all aboard are under protocol (button link says 'desemarrer' or something)

3: Pay attention to wind strength. There are 5 levels of wind strength, and 2 of them are bad. 0/4 means no wind, and if you are stuck in one of these spots, all you can do is sit and wait and hope for wind. Use a bonus point* if possible. 4/4 wind is deadly. If you fall asleep in this wind, when you wake up and log in your boat will be sunk and everything aboard the ship and everything in all inventories (personal inventory, grants, onboard tavern) will sink and be gone forever.

4: Pay attention to the life of your ship. Without basic engineering, you can only guess, but it can be reasonably guessed. Example: when a failed hulk has full life, it will say 'Between 10 and 15" if no skill; if the ship has taken damage it might say 'Between 5 and 10'. If it says 'Between 0 and 5', then get ready to kiss your ass goodbye!

5: When sailing, particularly with square sails (atlantic ships); do not attempt to sail into headwind*. You will have a 0% chance of moving. If you use a bonus point*, it increases your odds by 50%.

6: If you have no skills, you MUST stay near the coast. Lose sight of the coast, and you will lose sight of your map. If this happens, try to retrace your way back to the nearest coastline, or you won't know where you are and where you are going.

7: Once your boat is over the node of the port, you will have an option to dock a ship. To dock a ship, there are 2 ways:
a: forced docking, which does not need permission, will damage the ship. 4 points of life are lost when docking in a natural harbor (port lvl 1), and 5 points of life are lost when docking in a small port (port lvl 2).

b: ask for permission. Find out who is Harbor Master ahead of time if you can, and let them know when to expect you to arrive. The process can happen in minutes or it can happen in weeks, depending on the level of communication. To gain docking, once on the port node, the Captain requests to dock. Then, the Harbor Master will have to click to accept the docking. Then, the Captain has to click to dock. Once the captain clicks to dock, the boat will be docked at the next 'round'*.

8: Repair your ship if it is damaged. Once you are docked, the captain can request repair. Then, the HM has to click to accept. After that, the captain must click to put ship on dry dock.
Each life point needed costs 3 workers and 10 wood bushels to fix. Once the ship is in dry dock, Captain does not need to stay on boat to oversee repair; the HM must click to put the ship back in the water once the repairs are complete.
****not sure if repairs can be stopped halfway, needs testing****

9: The onboard tavern inventory is bugged. Remember what you put in the tavern, because it will not show in inventory, but the meals will work. Meal sale profits go to the ships hold.

10: Beware of passing the helm to just any crew member. Once you pass the helm, you cannot get it back unless it is passed back to you. Trust the wrong person and you wind up giving them a free boat.

11: There are 10 rounds per day, each round 1 action point can be used to attempt a move. Rounds are listed as game times:
-4h (reset)
- 8h
- 10h
- 12h
- 14h
- 16h
- 18h
- 20h
- 22h
- 0h

Four hours before, then four hours after reset are the biggest stretches without rounds. There is only 1 round of movement within this 8 hour stretch, the rest are every two hours.


1: Right now, crew does nothing except add to action point total. However, the Captain can only pass the helm (appoint another Captain) to someone who is a crew member.
****not sure what happens if crew member dies or becomes eradicated, also not sure if possible for crew member to 'quit' while the ship is at sea.


****will post stuff about studying here****

Sea Maps:


Wind Charts:

*In this chart, the ship is trying to sail North with appropriate skills*
****not sure which skills are needed for these exact values****

Square sail
Type of wind --------------------------- Graphic --------Potential movement
Downwind ----------------------- 100%
Crosswind ----------------------- 66%
Wind almost contrary --------- 33%
Headwind ------------------------------- 0%


Skills and their effects:

Skill Pre-req's:

Basic seafaring - none
Astronomy - none
Basic Naval Engineering - 100% basic seafaring for >30%? ****not sure if this one is correct****
Basic Naval Combat - 100% basic seafaring for >40%; Basic knowledge of military for >60%
Advanced Seafaring - 100% basic seafaring for >0%; 100% astronomy for >50% ****not sure if this one is correct****
Expert Seafaring - unknown pre-req
Advanced Naval Engineering - 100% basic seafaring for >0%; unknown other skill for >10%
Advanced Naval Combat - unknown pre-req


Naval Groups:


Naval Combat:

[quote]And here come the rules of wreck-plunder.

When a ship sinks, its whole inventory and the inventory of its passengers (including grants) fall into the water to form what we will call 'a wreck'.

One third of this wreck is immediately lost for good (money and items).

At each new naval round (so approx. every 2 hours), there is a small probability that the remainder of the wreck sinks and is definitely lost.

This probability is of 5% at sea and of 2% on a river.

When a ship is on a square where there is one (or more) wreck, it can use its round (so it costs 1 action point) to search the wreck. The link to "search the nearby wreck" is only available in the captain's cabin when there is a nearby wreck.

It will gather 5% of the inventory of the wreck (transfered in the inventory of the ship).

This action can be performed as many time as wanted, provided the wreck has not sunk.

If several ships are searching a wreck at the same time, the search priority order is random in the round.

If several wrecks are on the same square, they are considered as one "big" wreck.
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Naval Tips
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