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 Taking/Razing Towns

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PostSubject: Taking/Razing Towns   September 16th 2010, 23:16

Let it be known that there are two basic plans for the sack of a town. (after you rebel, once you have the mayorship ya know, this is what ya do next)

Option 1. Take the money but let them live! (pisses people off slightly less, and lets the money regrow to be robbed again later)
1. Cancel all sale orders on the market, all grants, etc.
2. Sell all the goods in town hall at 1 pounds each, buy them
3. Sell all goods in your inventory (except necessary ones) at maximum price, buy with the town.
4. Repeat until treasury is nearly empty
5.Finsh selling all the goods in town hall to yourself at 1 pounds, leave one good (one corn bag, one wheat bag, one anything.) for the purposes of allowing county to help them out.
6. RUN! you filthy rich fucktard!
7. Distribute wealth as necessary.

Option 2. Take the money and cripple them!
(leaves them unable to recover for a while if nothing goes wrong, since they are 350 pounds in debt or so)
1. See steps 1-4 above
2. Do step 5 above, but don't leave the one good behind.
3. Set autobuyers to maximum.
4. Use autobuyer to send maximum number of cows with one autopurchase you can, 10 I believe)
5. Resell cows to yourself at 1 pounds.
6. RUN! you filthy rich fucktard!
7. Distribute as necessary.
8. Answer people's questions about why you didn't leave them a possibility for county aid Very Happy[/quote]


Max item to autosell to town is HW, can be set at 38.95. If you leave no items, no money and set autobuys to max you can in 1 click send a town to -389. Then, you also raise militia to 4 and max them out at 20p per day.

Now also, sometimes towns have inventory in the TH tavern. There are ways to offset this, namely, the burning of trade points. By selling to yourself and back to town, and by granting things to people who then simply cancel it back you can burn out a lot of points fairly quickly.

Also, sometimes there is a glitch that shows thousands of items that are not actually there. If you try to grant these items, it will burn up all the trade points as well but the items wont appear.

If you run a town heavy into negative, and then burn all the state points, it would take months for it to recover. In 3 days the city can be near -1k.

Felt this needed an update, with England on the horizon and Munster on our doorstep....

highest you can sell something is 655.35 pounds.
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Taking/Razing Towns
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