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 (Importing/Exporting)(Population boom)

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PostSubject: (Importing/Exporting)(Population boom)   September 24th 2010, 22:00

Scottish traders have long traded inside Scotland however this does not provide any actual economic growth for our nation but is instead just transferring funds from the seller to the buyer.

Now if we were able to cause deflation we can undersell other nations.

Now if trader A from Scotland bought 5p bread and traveled to Port Lairge and sold to an Irish citizen for 5.75p then we are essentially bringing .75p into
Scottish hands.

If this was done on a large scale with an amount of lets say 1000 loaves, then we are bringing 750p into Scotland.
If we deflate our prices then foreign traders can't sell here which means we prevent Scotlands wealth from being transfered to their nation.

Another way to advance Scotland is a population boom. This is only possible if we get every active person in Scotland to invite rl friends to the game not really much of an idea just a way to make us a power.

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PostSubject: Re: (Importing/Exporting)(Population boom)   September 25th 2010, 00:39

I don't really see a problem with nations not being able to sell here, the more control we have over our own markets the better as long as we have a strong international trade fleet. If international trader's can't sell here than the mass overproduction won't be made worse, they'll buy here instead decreasing our surpluses.
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PostSubject: Re: (Importing/Exporting)(Population boom)   September 26th 2010, 01:49

This is solid in principle. Like Sullihan said it's getting our markets under control in the first place. We need to get town/county production organized so that there is only an excess of the goods that are exportable. We also need to get wages where they need to be and prices at the optimal levels. If we can organize the economy successfully, people can still make 20.00 daily and prices will drop as well, making exporting a lot easier. Everyone wins . . . it's just getting everyone on-board in the first place Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: (Importing/Exporting)(Population boom)   

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(Importing/Exporting)(Population boom)
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